A collection of photos from my recent trip to Inishmore. As always these are in no particular order.

Whilst transferring these images through Flickr to my iPad and uploading using it I believe I have decreased the image quality, a problem I previously thought to be caused by the camera. Images that suffered most are DSC_620 i.e. Irish Air Corps Casa and DSC_700 I.e. BN Islander landing.


Great photos!

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I always see this type of plane flying over my house every morning, anyway great photos :)

I love the Islander, always loved the look of it and it was very fun to fly on.

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Amazing photos . Those cockpit photos are boss

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Aer Arran = Stobart Air??

This Aer Arann is Aer Arann Islands, from memory I think it has some kind of link to Stobart Air but it kept the name Aer Arann as it operates services to the Arann Islands.

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They’re funny looking aircraft

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