EIIF added?

Alot of the irish airports/grass strips are in IF, but one of them isnt, EIIF. Its a small airfield in county wexford, with regular fly in events. It has a nice clubhouse “where the kettle is never far from the boil”. I know its a hard request, seening as its a small airfield, but it would be great to have it added in :)

If this is duplicate please close it.

The IFAET do not take requests. If one of them want to add it, they will add it on their own time.

Hey! That would be up to the airport editing team! (IFAET). I’ll take a quick look at what’s happening.

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Omg im so sorry!😂 yeah take a look!

Hmm. EIIF doesn’t seem to be in the system at all.

Another name for it is ILAS airfield.

Well it definitely is a little grass field with activity on it 🤔. I don’t know personally what is done, I’m not that high up in the Editing world.

I’ll pass it on to our team though, see what they think. All I can say is keep an eye out for any navigation updates.

Ok! The main reason id love it in is because i live so close to it! Would stop me from having to go from eidw and einn all the time.

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What’s the airport name?

ICAO or name?

I never said ICAO, I said name.

Im sorry. Its named: ILAS field wexford.

Alright, I found the best source of imagery for this. It’s doable. I’ll figure it out some time soon.

Ok thanks you :)

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