Eight Months Later

Ahoy. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been active on the IFC, and even longer since I posted a S&V topic. I’m sure some people still remember me, right. Anyways, I bought an IF subscription for the summer, and after cruising back to grade 3, I decided to take some pics. Flight #1 was from Sint Maarten all the way home to Amsterdam, which surprised me by not being a real world flight. Second flight was from Rome to San Francisco, with a beautiful ITA A350. Enjoy :)

Off the rails at SXM 🏝

Banking towards Der Nederlan 🌷

Over some English dales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

A fun landing on the Polderbaan 🛬

A nice shot with the tower 🗼Fun fact: They got the height for the tower by measuring the average Dutch teenager’s (@Infinite_Qantas) forehead.

A Greek invading Rome 🌍

Over the French Alps 🏔 Oui Oui Fromage

Squinting hours ☀️

Over the Nevadan desert 🌵

Identical shot to the KLM one, but this time at SFO

And that’s it :) Oh my goodness, I forgot how much Discourse craps on photo quality.

Expect more topics from myself throughout this summer. See ya ✌️


Great shots, good job!

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nice pics 👌

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Glad to see you back :)

Really nice editing!

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I mean… WOW


hawt 🥵

welcome back :)

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don’t worry, i do😉

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Thanks everyone :)


Thanks babe😘
And for the shots… as heavily edited as your tinder profile

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I can’t believe this’s IF,WOW!


Why thank you Mr Lens-Flare-In-Every-Photo-Which-Blinds-Everyone-Who-Looks-At-Your-Topic

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Thanks :)

Stunning pics!

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One word: Amazing!!!

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Ah TNCM, the birthplace of my profile picture. What a great place to be.

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Welcome back! Nice to see you again


I’m offended by this lol but great shots

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Agreed :)

Thanks everyone!


That caught me off guard 🤣

Great pictures though!

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One look at Infinite_Qantas and you’ll know it’s true. Thanks!

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