Eiffel Tower to the Tokyo Tower! (Saturday Night Flight Debut) @LFPG - 160300ZNOV19

Server: Training

Airport: LFPG

Time: 2019-11-17T02:30:00Z

NOTAM: Saturday Night Flight Debut! This week we will be flying from LFPG to RJAA. Use only the following aircraft:

  • Japan Airlines 787-9
  • United Airlines 787-10
  • American Airlines 787-9
  • Air France 747-400
  • One lucky other can fly with @PrestonThePilot in a 737-700BBJ.

ATC: @Thunderbolt

Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
K31 RJAA/NRT 12h 0m Air France 747-400 @anon45500775
K33 RJAA/NRT 12h 0m Japan Airlines 787-9 @MaineAviator
K35 RJAA/NRT 12h 0m Japan Airlines 787-9
K37 RJAA/NRT 12h 0m American Airlines 787-9 @TheTyGuy426
K41 RJAA/NRT 12h 0m United 787-10
K43 RJAA/NRT 12h 0m United 787-10
K45 RJAA/NRT 12h 0m American Airlines 787-9
K49 RJAA/NRT 12h 0m 737-700 BBJ
K51 RJAA/NRT 12h 0m 737-700 BBJ

This event was created for @PrestonThePilot


That’s so nice of you, nice thread considering the time you had

(I was originally signed up for a Air France 747 gate)

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Thank you!

Also, it’s takeoff at 9:30 CST

I’ll take one of the JAL 787-9

Can I do ATC services?

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@anon45500775 thank you, and I put you on the list.
@MaineAviator, I’ll sign you up.
@Thunderbolt, Sure!

Let me know about Saturday! And, who is the other person flying with me in the -700BBJ

I’m in on one of the UA Boeing 78X’s. my username is @thenewpilot

Nice thread!

However, I have two things to mention:

Is it going to Haneda or Narita, because Japan Airlines doesn’t fly CDG to NRT.

Secondly, if it is still NRT, then maybe you could add ANA aircraft?

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@ran We are going from CDG-NRT, and I think ANA would be a cool livery to fly

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You can fly ANA. CDG-NRT. Spawn in at 9:15 cst Saturday night

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Thanks @PrestonThePilot! Unfortunately, I can’t fly on Saturday as I’m participating in another event. Just wanted to let you know since it’s a Tokyo route.

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Are we spawning in at 9:15 CST to allow for pre-flight checks (rudder, flaps, spoilers) or is that just optional?

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If you want to fly in the group with everybody else, then it is recommended that you spawn in at 9:15 CST.

Ok will do. I might just spawn in at 9:10CST to give myself a few minutes to do flap checks, spoiler checks, everything of the like. I may even overfill my aircraft to make it easier to land in the case of strong crosswinds at Narita.

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K guys, Ill be seeing you guys soon!

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Can’t wait, its gonna be fun!

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I’ll be there! I’ll be in as N1PE, an IF 2019 -700BBJ

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I’ll be drinking coffee in the tower.

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