EIDW to EGCC Group Flight!

Recently, I decided to create my first Group Flight and was very happy with the attendance. Here are some pictures I took from the flight!

Server: Expert Server
EIDW (Dublin) - EGCC (Manchester)
Flight time: 35 minutes
Aircraft: Aer Lingus A320 (New Livery)

Spawned at the Gates in EIDW!

Holding Short at runway 10.

Cruise over the Irish Sea!

Butter at Runway 23R in Manchester

Parked at the gate in EGCC

Thanks for a great flight @Anthony_Williams @Luka_ZagerDuric @Stanko_Lazarevic and @M_Hartwich

Makes you think about joining Aer Lingus VA doesn’t it.


Beautiful photos.

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Nice pictures! I was not able to participate :(

Nice photos, I would recommend putting your graphics to high for replay photos. Your device is fine on high graphics and quality in replay mode but not live servers I find.

@FiniteFlying Thanks for the tip! My device crashes alot so I have to keep them quite low but you get the point of the pictures?

Incredible sunset, awesome pics!

Awesome photos!!

Nice shots! I love the new AE livery

@Patrick_McCormack coming in the first time

missed approach and recently landed @Jakub_Skaroupka we made it to Manchester, safe and sound!