EIDW NOTAM: Hotspot Information

Hello folks, I noticed a few issues from some pilots today while controlling EIDW Tower and Ground. While I know not everyone has access to charts, it is important to make an effort to at least review the airfield layout and identify potentially problematic areas.

What is a hotspot?

A hot spot is defined as a location on an airport movement area with a history of the potential risk of collision or runway incursion, and where heightened attention by pilots and drivers is necessary. - FAA

These are typically defined on charts with large pink/red circles on the airport diagram with their associated labels. Make sure to reference the text to see the purpose of the hotspot recognition for the designated location.

In the case of me controlling EIDW today, there were pilots who mistook runway 34 for 28L and attempted a departure on the incorrect runway! This exact situation is prescribed as a potential issue in the hotspot information. If they had taken time to read the hotspot information the issue may not have occurred! Please make sure to review hotspot information when flying on the expert server to prevent simple mistakes that can have a big impact.


Really an important piece of information as you correctly stated! Thank you for bringing attention to this issue, because being aware of the Hotspots can make life much easier, not only for ATC, but also for pilots as unexpected challenges can be avoided. Thanks for sharing!


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