Guys, I want to do the EIDW-KEWR route on Aer Lingus’ A321, but its the old livery and no winglets. Is that realistic? Or should I use another aircraft?

Technically, no. Prior to their 321neos, only their A330s operated flights to EWR.


You could fly the 757 with Aer Lingus as well

Oh, is that irl also?

Ye they have done it before as EI101

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Not presently, but occasionally they did. Mostly when demand was too little to fill the 330.

Here’s one from 2018.


Thank you! Any other alternatives?

With Aer Lingus, no. We’ve only seen their A321neo, A330-200, A330-300, and 757-200. If you’re open to flying another airline, United operates UA 22 on the 767-400. You could substitute it with the 767-300.


Super! Thanks! (mods this can be closed)

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That is worse lol

757 united or aer lingus

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I did that route with the old livery aer lingus and plane but for me as long the plane Is identical to the one in real life then I don’t really care but it’s your choice or you can use the 757 or the a330

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