EICK to EGLL! @ EICK - 281530ZMAR20

Aer Lingus A320 in the 2019 livery


TODAY 15:30 GMT!

Training server

Join me on this one hour hop from the south east of Ireland over some of the most scenic routing in the simulator. Sorry for the short notice.

Hey @EICK is there any way you could change the server to Expert?

Sorry no because I got ghosted on Wednesday

Count me in.

Spawned yet @EICK? 😉

You may spawn in dude. We are waiting! 👋

Im spawning in

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I’m there now

@EICK Shall I create the FPL?

I see you @Yes! We will start departing soon.

Let’s go now

@EICK answered my question though? Shall I copy the FPL and what altitude and speeds?

I’ll copy @EICK’s FPL. All good now.

@EICK I am afraid I will have to leave all of a sudden, I am sorry. It’s short trip somewhere. I hope you will have fun!

What flight level should we be at?

@EICK Right behind you.

My device died when I hit land.

I just landed and had to go around because of traffic on the runway but did a greaser of a landing of -168fpm

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