EI-AVA’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KJFK

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my tracking thread!
I’m Ava and I am in the process of applying for the IFATC!

I will be controlling Tower and Ground around numerous airports across the IF world, if you are interested in helping me practice, please stop by! (More info below on airports that I will control)

I’m fine with any command or request being thrown at me! ;)

Please tell me what I need to improve on or what I did right and what I did wrong.

I will open an airport for 1hr tops, if controlling a big airport like LHR or LAX, I will be there for longer.

Status on IFATC:
Applying once I get 500 operations, the more planes I get, the sooner I’ll be controlling!

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope to see you at an airport I’m at soon!

Frequent Flyers:


  • Ava

Airport controlling now:


If you’re still open in 10 minutes I can come by for a couple patterns

I will not be unfortunately, but I will open KABQ back up in about an hour or less

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Now controlling at KJFK GROUND/TOWER

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Can you tell me which runways are in use ?

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I’ll be there :)
What runways are you using?

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13R 13L @CaptainSooraj @Varunsehdev

I’m VT VAR , I’ll suggest you to open the Airports with Parallel Runways. and non popular Airports so there is no traffic apart of the aircrafts doing patterns for you.

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Hi. I was VT-SOO. I had to exit the session twice because it was becoming a little confusing/chaotic.

Overall, I think you should definitely read up on the ATC manual to sharpen your skills as a controller. Also, I would highly suggest staying away from the bigger airports like KLAX or KJFK or KSFO etc which are prone to trolling and chaotic traffic. In any case, even after you get into IFATC, you will not be able to control the bigger airports until you are promoted to the rank of Specialist.

Here is my feedback from whatever I saw in the session:


  • “Continue taxi” is not an appropriate command, when I’ve pushed back and requested to taxi for the first time. You definitely need to assign a runway to an aircraft who calls you for taxi for the first time.

  • When I respawned for the first time and requested pushback again, you said to expect 31L but then when I requested taxi, you sent me to 13L.

  • You cleared me for takeoff on 13L with an aircraft on very short final. I understand they were not exactly following your instructions, but yeah. (@Zigler_AviationYT callsign Jigsaw 1111 in the F-14, I’m looking at you here, buddy, if you wanna engage in such antics please go to the Casual Server and have all the fun you want.)

  • You should’ve given an exit runway command to VT-VAR and United 591 rather than a “contact ground”

  • You forgot about me holding short of 13L after United 591 exited the runway.

  • Immediate takeoff was not necessary, there was no one on final for 13L.

  • You should ideally clear me for landing/option on downwind itself, I shouldn’t have to ask. In case of other traffic, use sequencing as necessary (not necessary this time as there was no one in the 13L pattern). I kept reporting my position hoping you’ll give me a clearance, but you didn’t clear me until I was almost out of your airspace on a very extended downwind, after which I exited the session.

Looking forward to see you improve on your next controlling session! Please do consider opening up a smaller airport next time, and do tag me to join!

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Will do! Thank you so much for taking the time :)

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Seems chaotic itself if there is an F14 at an International Airport haha!


Sadly you are closed . However feel free to tag me next time you open! :)

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I can open again!

you will never not see an F14 at an international airport

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I’d be glad to help out if it works for me. Feel free to tag

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Will do! I’ll add you to my list of people!

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Please feel free to tag me whenever you open, or pm me if you ha e any questions, I’m happy to help.

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Tag Me When You Open ;)

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At KSAN now!

Wait for 15 !

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