EHBX Amsterdam

Want a fun challenge? Go try to takeoff here, the runway is only 400 ft! 😂


Cessna 172 into the wind lol. Also if this gets boring for you then you should try Lake Co in Denver I managed an A380 normal load on live. What’s the largest aircraft you have successfully taken off with at EHBX?

Maybe it is for helicopters in real world


In the real world it is Bjerewitz Hospital’s Helipad. I used to fly here before live came out and I could take off with 737s if I’d get the wind right.

In the real word this is a Heliport for a very special Burn Center, Red Cross Hospital🚑🏥 in the city of Beverwijk. (if people burn parts of there body) I live here 20Km away from 😉

Why is this one in IF, since there are no helicopters in IF?

Think of it as a visual marker



Drifting to a stop

I took off from it and my next aircraft to do it with is an A380

This airport will be removed in next update since we do not have helicopters in IF yet!

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Now everyone is gonna rush to EHBX in live!

Should have a mass photo shoot there. Grab your C130 and gather round the postage stamp - lol

Come to EHBX with your C-130s now

Well, made it in a C-172. Fun challenge. Just for a real super STOL competition like the ones done in Alaska !
It’s really a heliport in a hospital, however it got drawn as an airport in IF.