EHBX, Amsterdam

I’ve flown over this helipad many times and I’m thinking… That " runway " is so small I don’t think a cessna can even takeoff/land, and I can’t!

Even using the smallest plane in the game I cannot land nor takeoff on this runway even using the full length, I think this " runway " should be deleted as it is not a runway at all, in real life it is a helipad and I don’t think anyone has ever used this before. I hope this airport gets the developers attention and the airport editors delete it because it is not an airport, thanks.

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I think this is more like a #support topic.


Will be deleted in the next update. Say bye


Oh right, that’s good :)

There is another airport if you call it one, in the Seattle region that is even smaller than this. I just have to ask because I’m dying to ask it as it fits the moment. I thought you were against smaller aircraft. I thought you liked bigger and more modern aircraft. 🤔


Yes that’s true, and?

I just searched in our database and it’s no longer on it.

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Just pointing out the obvious thats all. You say one thing but do the complete opposite. 😂

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When I say it is impossible to takeoff and land with an incredibly small plane, I was just testing it.

Not strange that you are having a hard time taking off with a Cessna 172 from a hospital helipad… :)


Just testing to see if it is possible :)

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sound like you were doing a complaint though… But yes, it’s being deleted.

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