EHAM tower

I think EHAM tower is low skill today. I am near runway 24, I want to takeoff there. The traffic is going in the 18 direction but also some landing 22. I want to takeoff 24 but the controller make me go to 18L is so far away. I know, runway 24 takeoff flight path cross runway 18 takeoff flight path. But the airport is 80% empty. Controller should easily make me takeoff runway 24. So easy but he make me go far away to 18L. High skill expert server controller should manage 45 degree angle different takeoff direction easily.

Who was the controller ?

QVG Eden T at EHAM

The controller has his own plans so he will send traffic to the runway most convenient to him and the pilots to have an expedited service. This is not a matter of low skill.

But still if it’s that empty that’s okay to give to 24

No one is 100% perfect at all times.
The controller generally have a better view of the full picture, and there might have been a good reason for you to go to 18L.

And it was a mistake, so be it. We all make them sometimes. Just like you did when you ran out of fuel at 20.000ft over the South China Sea the other day ;)


I know controller is supposed to control airport but I think it is easy to let me takeoff at the more near runway. It is easy

I know haha. But that is why I dont like the rule controller can ghost you. If he make a mistake we can complain him later but I dont want to be kicked out of the game in the middle while I am playing

Nope. Taking off in a runway closer to you might mean that you might be in conflict with other traffic once you lift off.

I know. But I check the map, airport is 80% empty, there was no planes taking off from that side. Maybe there may be 1, but I wait 10 seconds and the road is free already.

Okay I don’t know the full picture, I’ll let @Eden_Tan answer it himself. You can PM him if needed.