EHAM to EGLL group flight

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    British airways livery
  • Route:
    New years eve flight EHAM to EGLL
    and the waypoints are:EH605 GOBOP
  • Time of Departure:
    1900zulu 31 december
  • Server:
    The flight will be on the training server

  • Additional Information:
    if there is no atc please say on unicom where are you taxiing, taking of, crossing runways etc.
    Everybody in grade to will be able to be part of the flight!!!

Hi there! Sounds like a great flight, but I suggest you read up on this:

You also need to format the title correctly, also noted in “About the Group Flights Category

Hope this helps you out!


Hi mate you may have to wait to post this here. I’m sure the flight has to be done within 3 hours of it being posted.

ok thank you!!!

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This should actually go in the #live:events category, so please follow that formatting and move it there :)

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Doh! @Adam_Williams got there first.

Here’s the information on the events category :)