EHAM Taxi Lines Incorrect

I believe this may have been discussed but the start of Runway 9 has incorrect runway lines effectively rendering the entrance to runway 09 inaccessible. This is an issue for the IF olympics and potentially an update for the ground should be made before the opening ceremony in 3 days.


Search before you post :)

It is reported


I know that this has been reported it is a different issue what I am asking for is a scenery push before IFO

It has been fixed but we can’t control when a scenery push happens.

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Is it set by the developers

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Yes the devs control the scenery pushes. Usually comes with big updates.

As already said, there has already been a topic about this. And a answer to it. We have fixed it and pushed it to the repository. But when the developers will give a scenery update. We don’t know. :)

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That wasn’t what I asked I asked for the update to be pushed

Well, it usually comes when the app is updated.

Runway 9 isn’t inaccessible. Just don’t follow the lines! Ah the wait for xmas. The expectation of opening nicely wrapped gifts and finding lovely new airports inside


Haha but I have OCD with these things 😂

It really isn’t.

Kindly don’t say things are an issue when you have nothing to do with organising them.


IFOC President.


Well choose a different airport then if it is that big a deal!


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