EHAM spotting 24feb

Hi community!
I hope you’re having a wonderfull day. On the 24th of februari I went spotting on EHAM, so here are some pictures! (By myself and unedited)

Delta A350 at the gate

Tui 738 Family Life livery - takeoff from 18L/Aalsmeerderbaan

Jet Airways 77W taking off from 18C/Zwanenburgbaan

Saudia Cargo 77F taking off from 18C

Delta 767 at the foreground with some KLM’s and other Delta’s at the background

KLM 744 departing from 18C

Airbridge cargo 748F departing from 18L

Thanks for taking a look!


Very nice pictures taken for us! Thanks!

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Great photos!
Been on the VABB-EHAM Jet Airways :)

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Saudi Cargo looks stunning!

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These are really good!! What equipment did you use?

Wow I’m speechless and the Saudi Cargo picture has to be my favorite 👍

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I hope you do not mind.

Oh hahah thanks!

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I tend to do that a lot.

See what I mean.

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I have an Canon EOS 750D with a 55-250mm IS STM and a 18-55mm IS STM lens

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I actually don’t know were the glow comes from at the Saudia 777. It is unedited

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