EHAM - SEQM stunning approach into the mountainous Ecuador

On the 30th October there was a Amsterdam fly out to celebrate it becoming 3d so I decided to take a flight to Quito which has a beautiful descent over the mountains and an exciting approach low past the capital of Ecuador


Route: EHAM - SEQM
Aircraft: 777-200ER
Livery: KLM
Server: Expert
Altitude: fl360
Speed: Mach 0.80
Time: 12 hours 26 minutes (took longer than usual due to strong headwinds and had to circle on descent)

Passengers and cargo being loaded

Departure out of busy Amsterdam

Leaving the Netherlands

Cruising over the famous Caribbean island Sint Maarten with the Southern side being Dutch

Descending over stunning mountain ranges close to Quito

Coming in on approach and landing at SEQM

Passengers disembark and cargo unloaded ready for next flight


thinking of doing some more long haul flights out of EHAM as it is one of the best 3D airports on infinite flight and has a vast amount of interesting and unique routes!
Let me know if you want to see any other flights!

Amsterdam to Seattle is a good route.

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Wow! This is my favorite route in IF to date that Iโ€™ve done. Glad to see you enjoyed it.

Nice pictures by the way! I love the one over Sint Maarten.

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yes this is a great route! One of my favourites for sure! Flying over St Maarten was really cool as you can see the whole island and appreciate its beauty from the sky!

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Great choice of route! I had actually flown this the day before you, glad to see others giving unique destinations attention!

I like the shot of the take off, it contrasts well with the airport in the background. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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yeah Quito is a cool and unique airport!

These pictures are so good! I might have to fly this route myself.

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thanks! I recommend the route itโ€™s really good!

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Try the R36-S approach with a narrow body. Absolutely amazing.

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definitely going to do some short haul flights to the airport!

Nice! I actually did this flight 3 weeks ago. Definitely one of my favourite flights. And really nice pictures!

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