EHAM routes

Does anyone know any routes from EHAM, with decent scenery/approach?

Cancun-Amsterdam TUI 788

EHAM-LOWI Transavia 738
EHAM-LPMA Transavia 738

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There are some suggested routes in a topic bound to be below, but what’s your idea of timings?

EHAM - EBBR in a KLM Cityhopper E-jet.

Around 3-4 hours. :)

Thanks everyone!

Ocean flying not my thing.

Tui 738
Alps, croatian scenery and great approach into Bodrum
3hrs flight time

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Ok 🙃. I’ll search for some routes and edit then in below. Also so you can still get ideas if this is closed.

Route Flight Time Aircraft/Airlines
EHAM - LPPT 2:45 Transavia B738, KLM B738 (not in game), TAP Portugal A320, Easyjet A319/A320
EHAM - GMMX 3:30 Transavia B738
EHAM - GCCR 4:20 Easyket A320, Transavia B738, TUI B738
EHAM - GCFV 4:05 Easyket A320, Transavia B738, TUI B738
EHAM - HEGN 4:30 Easyjet A320, TUI B738

Got a little list here @CaptainHugh. They all have fairly scenic approaches, and HEGN was featured as an FNF a little while back! I hope this comes in helpful sometime.

Happy Flying!

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Thanks! I’ll consider it.


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Thank you so much, @Ecoops123 ! I really appreciate that. :)

No problem! I love doing things like this, one of the reasons why I make many events regularly! 😃

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You can search “flights by duration from Amsterdam” on Google and you’ll get all flights listed - that’s a bunch of flights. You can then use the “find in page” tool on your browser and type “3h” or “4h”.

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