EHAM-MRLB (Odd but understandable)

While I completely understand that Costa Rica is a popular getaway, I don’t understand why Liberia (A city which has a population of 53,000), was chosen as a destination hub for Internationals. Especially how small and robust the airport is. But, it is what it its… KLM flies here seasonally and I performed it’s route from EHAM to MRLB which took 11 hours and 42 minutes to complete! The 787-9 is the suitable aircraft for the route.

Photo taken on the expert server @ 4:42PM CST. Edits were made on Adobe Lightroom!


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Are you sure they do a direct flight to Liberia ? I didn’t find anything on flight aware. They do however flight direct Amsterdam to San Jose. From San Jose they do a little hop to Liberia then back to Amsterdam.

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KLM flight KL719 - Flightradar24 Good eye!

Interesting triangle route. Liberia is only used bc it’s close to good beaches and it’s the only big airport close by.

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