EHAM-LMML Air Malta (generic)

Plane: A320-200
Airline: Air Malta (generic livery)
Route: EHAM-LMML (Amsterdam-Malta Luqa)
Server: Expert
Grade: 4
Flight time: 2 hours and 40 minutes

Loading up at EHAM

Take off at runway 24

Above the Geneva Lake in Switzerland, unfortunately the layer of clouds make seeing it impossible

A nice wingview of the island of Malta with Valletta Harbour clearly seen

Nice landing at Malta Luqa Airport

Interesting to do this flight again as I’ve flown the same flight in real life around 2 months ago.

Which one is your favourite?


Oh , hey ! Divider ⛰🌊

Cool shots, sad that we don’t have the livery tho

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Thanks, yeah it’s sad. Without a doubt the most colourful plane I’ve flown on.

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