EHAM-HKJK w/ Kenya Airways

Last night I took my longest flight I’ve ever done in IF from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Nairobi, Kenya on what I discovered as a seriously underrated route in my opinion. The 787-8 took me down Germany’s west border, over the Swiss-Austrian Alps, down the length of Italy, over the Mediterranean, across the Sahara desert in Libya and Sudan, and lastly over South Sudan and Uganda before landing in Nairobi. Whew! Anyway, total flying time today was 7hrs 22min. Enjoy!

On the ground at Schiphol

Powering away from runway 09 for the journey south!

Over the Swiss Alps

Starting my hop over the Mediterranean. Sicily is in the far background touching the wingtip.

Cruising over the Sahara. Unfortunately there were clouds but it still shows how immense it is.

Descending over Kenya after flying over Lake Victoria which might still be in the far upper left corner.

Finally touching down in Nairobi at 3:30 AM in my local time, but it was worth it!

Made it to the gate! Thanks for taking the time to watch! Bye!


Fun! It’s a cool livery. I should do this sometime. Maybe to keep it realistic, I’ll avoid Sudanese airspace.

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Ah, didn’t know about the whole Sundanese airspace thing but it makes sense.

Yes. Since the fighting started, no commercial planes can fly over Sudan, for fear of surface to air missiles.

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