EHAM flyout || Flying Blue

Hello everyone. I hope you guys remember the EHAM flyout created by @Emiel_l.
So I Made a screenshot because I really like shots with a lot of planes on it with here all KLM planes.

btw happy birthday KLM

flight: EHAM-TNCC
aircraft used: KLM 747-400
Flight time: 9h 27m
server: expert

Thanks for watching, hope to see you in the skies soon :)

btw, I don’t care about copyright. As long as you don’t pretend it’s yours 🙂


The only thing missing are buildings unfortunatly…
Very nice picture

We want buildings @infiniteflight!!!

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Well, I think the picture is nice this way too. Loved the flyout too

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Btw, for everyone wondering, here’s the original screenshot

Can You not? They said it’s a plan for the future. Don’t bug them if You want trillions of features. Enjoy what You have now.

On the other hand, great shot @Infinite_Qantas, good job!

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I was just joking around a little @Ignas04

Thanks mate, appreciate your feedback 😄

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Really great photo, great job!

Great picture beautiful to see the KLM airplanes

Thank you all for your kind reactions

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