EHAM - EGLL with the new 757!

Hi everyone, to celebrate 80 subs, I did a flight from Amsterdam to Heathrow with the new 757! I flew at FL220 from 5:45pm to around 7:00pm. This happened on Training Server on the 18th December.

The new 757 on the stand. Doesn’t it look amazing?

On runway 18L now, ready to takeoff.

Climbing out of Amsterdam/Schipol at around 6:00pm.

A cabin view from over the English Channel at cruising altitude.

On decent into Heathrow at around 6:30pm.

Fighting against the crosswinds at 3500ft, about to line up for final!

A smooth landing on 27R, now to taxi to the gate!

Taxiing to the gate with a Thomas Cook 767 in the background (rip Thomas Cook)

At the terminal with a Delta 757 next to me.


That british livery is stunning!! Nice pictures.

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Thanks so much!