EHAM ATC advanced?

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Let’s move on and stay on topic


Runways are used at the controllers discretion. Do they make mistakes? Yes. But 90% of the time you can trust them.

@Chatta290 Aren’t you IFATC? Can’t you end the debate about the red runways now? So Red means NO or GO?

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There’s no debate.

Red is an indication of wind direction.

Approach and tower tell you where to go. (Red when it’s a crosswind doesn’t mean the same as red when it’s a straight tailwind. It doesn’t mean one thing. It means listen to the controller.)


The IFATC supervisor has said so. Don’t act clever Rob, go make some Crossiants for me as I know I’m right


If he’s said so, why did this guy feel a need to bring back a year old topic now? Something’s fishy

Neither. If the winds are below around 10 knots, it’s still ok to use a runway labeled as red. If at a controlled airfield, it is up to the controller.

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He works in a bakery now so it’s actually true. Then again he is more of a baker, being a chef is above his pay grade


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@Robertdiaz123 A red runway does not necessarily mean that it can not be use like @Tim_B said. When an ATC opens an airport, they first check the METAR to see in which direction are the winds blowing and depending on the winds direction, they will make a decision on which runway would be use. It often happens that during the session of a controller the winds change. Depending on the winds speed and the new heading, Tower/Ground and if available Approach would evaluate if it is worth changing runway which requires a long process which is very time consuming for pilots and controller. If the winds new direction is going to cause problems for pilots to land because the winds speed are strong, then it is highly recommended to change runways because high winds increases the chances of go around which are not fun for controllers. If the winds are weak, so lets say 7 knots. It is not a danger for pilots , so ATC would most likely keep using the same runways because they know a light crosswind would not effect much pilots.

Hope you understand more now. If you have any more questions, you can PM a Recruiter or a scouter for a more detailed explanation.

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I think the confusion comes from the actual sim. It’s not only red, but I’ve even seen a warning come across the bottom of the screen saying something like the particular runway (in red) is closed and to use a different one if possible.

Just remember, always follow the controllers instruction and everything will be all good. If you have questions pertaining to a controllers commands during any session, first search to forums to see if anyone else had a similar situation. If no luck there, try and identify that controller and send them a pm with your question. Most of the time, you’ll get a response with an explanation. Happy flying!