EHAM ATC advanced?

I just came from the advanced server. The atc was letting us take off from an inactive runway. Is this possile?

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Just because the runway seems to be inactive doesn’t mean that it is NOT in use … Some controllers still wanna use these runways and it is ok to use them :)


Yes, the metar was showing 7 knots of wind which is no worries for any commercial aircraft.

Red runways does not mean it can’t be used, it’s just what the game prefers you not to use or to use if it’s green.


ow okay didn’t know that

Well now you know. Case closed :D

Yeah as they said, it’s ok to for this to happen. Please why use the Turkish callsign with the American Airlines livery… nvm that… Anyway, the wind was good for a commerical aircraft as Samuel said.


Nice! I was right behind you, from the pushback to the taxi and take of from runway 24. I was wondering the same because of the red sign. But now I know red runways can also be used if the wind allows it, thanks for the information!


Sometimes the wind changes, sometimes even after a taxi clearance ;) Just before 27 (green) was in use for inbound, and 24 (orange) for outbound. As soon as possible I switched to 36 r/c, but wind was not so strong, that I had to redirect you. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Red runways don’t mean that the runway is closed. It just turns red when the tailwind for that runway is more than 5kts. Controllers also can’t really change all the inbound and outbound traffic to another runway so they just keep it as is unless the winds become dangerous. An example is KNUC or KSAN on the playground server. Let’s get rid of the nimrods and let’s have pilots that actually follow instructions. In this situation you would probably have 10+ aircraft inbound and to change that to the opposite end of the runway would be h*ll. Keep in mind hat while you are doing this you would have more aircraft inbound than (besides the ones in the pattern) so it would not be possible.

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(I’m sure one half of the unofficial forum police will get me for necroposting, but the other half will be ruing their missed opportunity to point out that a similar thread exists. Can’t win. This thread is old, but the scenario herein [i.e. red runway] is still as prescient as ever, so I’m not going to open a new thread.)

Anyway, this gets me everytime as Approach to EHAM.

Red runways are not closed.

Especially when the wind is at 090. Take a quick second, do a little math, realize that 090 is a direct crosswind to both 180 and 360. I see that the 36s are yellow and the 18s red. I just know how to add math to the equation.

When it just switched there from 18s being yellow, we’re not going to take everyone who has been vectored north and bring them down and create a massive cluster on the 36s when there’s virtually no mathematical difference (give or take 3 to 4 degrees). It’s a direct crosswind. It takes a lot of work and time to effect a runway switch, and it’s not happening if there’s no mathematical reasoning for it.

And, no, switching off of approach and vectoring yourself to 36C is not an optimal solution, unless you enjoy 7-day vacations on the training server.

[I don’t know what the current METAR says, but it went from above 110 to 90 several hours ago, creating the situation described here, where pilots continuously spam the frequency by re-requesting the same runway 3 times.]


But from what I gather, Red runways are closed because from what I know, red means stop, like a stop light and the runways is red, so I think that means NO. Do not enter! But now you’re saying Red means NO and GO, so which is it??


So just for my understanding are red runways closed?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I dont care

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Yea, that whole Red means go is confusing


A separate topic would be better would be better just in the fact you can add on more info to the OG post where new users can check instead now only a few people who check there latest topics will see this.A seperate topic would be fine for this purpose but I would always ask a mod first.

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Red runways are automatically determined by IF using wind direction at velocity 5 knots or above.

Red doesn’t mean closed or open.

If approach or tower tells you to go to a runway, that’s the runway you go to. End of story.

I notice you didn’t address that 90 degrees from both part. IF picks one. But it’s still a crosswind.


Yea but like, why red? I think a more offensive color like blue would deter people more. Also, thanks for the clarification.


I work over 60 hours a week, I don’t have time. But if you need some tips, let me know, ground boy

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60 hours a week? Doing what trolling…


I work at Newark Int, where they do not have Red runways to mean no, so I was confused, k?


Stay on-point please.