EHAM Approach

So I was doing a quick flight from LHR to AMS in a 787 and I reached AMS Approach. Made contact and requested ILS 18C. ATC started vectoring to get me around the airport as i was coming from the west. However after making me head south I got no more instructions from them. Even tried requesting vectors multiple times and checking in to make sure they could hear me, but nothing. Finally decided to just end the flight after 20mins when i reached brussels. Is there a problem where ATC can’t hear planes or did they just forget about me?capture_20211020202053599


Unfortunately, with the level of traffic that EHAM is receiving right now, its easy for radar controllers to miss some pilots. My recommendation is to check your replay and scroll to the point of the flight in which you were on approach frequency, then click on the “states” tab.

Here, you can see who your controller was. I recommend sending them a message on the forum to get their point of view. We can always infer by something happened, but the controller will know why something happened