EHAM Approach craziness and vectoring methods

Hello all, I thought I’d share this photo I took while controlling EHAM app today at 19:30 Zulu to illustrate some of the craziness we can get as IFATC, and the strategies we use to safely and efficiently vector airplanes in.

I was vectoring in three groups: roughly red for 18L, blue for 18C, and green for 18R. Most of my inbounds came from EDDL, to the east, so my strategy was to bring some airplanes to the east of the airport for 18L and a couple for 18C, and to bring most of the planes to the west for 18R. Crossing planes from the east over the airport to the west allowed me to space out the planes quite a bit, but I was still forced to bring a few of you up north towards the region border. When it gets this busy using three runways is the only way to safely funnel all these planes in.

Having 20ish inbounds can only be handled properly if pilots listen to each and every instruction, as well as use common sense. If you are someone who needs a little help with common sense, please refer to @JoshFly8’s many excellent posts.

Speaking of Crash, I find his block descents continue to help; but, it is imperative that pilots use common sense if they are given a little more freedom to descend at their own rate. Please use realistic speeds for your altitudes.

As for the four of you who I ghosted, please reflect on your mistakes so you don’t find yourself on a seven day vacation again.

I hope this highlights a few of the challenges we face on approach while it’s busy, as well as just a few of the methods we use to control, and I look forward to seeing you all in the sky!


Ran out of likes for today… helpful post!


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Unfortunately I was nearly within reach of Schiphol Approach when you left so I got another controller instead.


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