Egyptian Aviation 🇪🇬

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Egypt has a long History in Avaition! 🇪🇬

Some of you guys might not know this but Egyptair (Flag carrier of Egypt) is the first commercial airline in the Middle East and Africa. And we Egyptians always say that Egyptian pilots are very skilled and they always butter the bread 😂

Last time I’ve flown with Egyptair was on board their brand new Boeing 787-9 (SU-GET) from Cairo 🇪🇬 to Paris 🇫🇷

The Crew was very nice. The food was AWESOME! The aircraft was insanely spacious and clean. And the pilot actually buttered the bread on runway 26R at CDG! 🔥

If you guys ever flown with an Egyptian Airline not just Egyptair, How was your experience and did the pilot actually butter ? :D


Very interesting! I know that @NYFLFlyer22 has flown on Egyptian actually!


As @snoman said, I flew on EgyptAir in March, about 2 weeks before all the flights started to get shut down. New York (JFK) to Cairo round trip on the 787-9 and 4 flights on the brand new A220-300 (Cairo-Aswan, Aswan-Abu Simbel, Abu Simbel-Aswan, Luxor-Cairo).

Pilots did a pretty good job buttering the 787. Looked up the info, and it was actually SU-GET funny enough! A220 was a mixed bag though! First flight landing in Aswan was a HARD landing. All other landings after that were smooth as butter. The flight to Abu Simbel was cool because the captain came on the PA and said how proud he was EgyptAir was flying the A220, that they were only the 6th airline to do so, and how happy he was that he got to fly it (this was the pilot that buttered, too!).

Service was ok the A220 was basic, but the 787 was kinda disappointing. I flew Business class, and the flight attendants were nice, but the food was just ok, they ran out of nearly all the food options, and I didn’t feel the flight attendants were as attentive as they should be for business class. The new seats for the 787 are great though, and blow the business class on Egypt’s 777s and A330s out of the water though! Had fun overall though since I got to try a new airline and fly on an A220 for the first time!


Egypt would be very very hot for me (I’m irish so anything over 20 degrees is hot enough for all the people in Ireland to be in shorts and tshirts) but I’d like to go as it looks a very interesting country! I don’t know how the natives manage with the heat especially since a lot of middle eastern / north African people I see in airports, and stuff on TV etc, they are all wearing big cloaks and masks on their faces! I know it’s traditional attire, but if the average Irish boy or girl needs to wear shorts in 20 degrees, the people there must be roasting! As I said already Egypt looks like a very nice place with lots of history and nice resorts and I would like to go some day!


Just flew with Egypt air today(SSH-CAI), service was very limited due to corona(but after all it was a 45min flight so wasn’t expecting much), they gave us a bottle of water and hand sanitizer while boarding. The cabin crew was very friendly and helpful. I was kinda disappointed the A220 didn’t have in-flight entertainment but still I really enjoyed the flight!
The plane was pretty much spotless as it’s less than a year old, Reg: SU-GEZ
The landing was Hard(ish) after the pilot completely missed the touchdown zone, none the less it was an amazing first flight for me on the a 220!


Egypt seems like a beautiful place to be at. I love Egyptair’s livery, especially on the 789. Here’s a few shots from February

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@NYFLFlyer22 @Mar350 @Lucas_Piedra
Thank you all for sharing those amazing moments of you visiting Egypt using an Egyptian Airline 🤩💛

I really enjoyed all of your guy’s stories! Thank you for sharing it with me and We hope to see again on Board Egyptair! 👨🏻‍✈️

@CaptainHugh if you don’t like weather 20+ degrees, I recommend you to visit Egypt in Winter. And if you want to experience cold weather and snow in Egypt, you could go visit Saint Catherine mountain in South Sinai. It’s sooo beautiful there. You could read other people’s reviews about it on a Website called Trip Advisor!
Let me know if you have any questions about Egypt!

Have a nice day/night lads! 💛


Thanks for the advice! It’s not really 20+ that I don’t like, just 30+ 🥴🥴

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I really like to have a Egyptair Livery on the 787, looks so clean and nice

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Egypt in December - January is usually under 30 degrees so don’t worry :)

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Yeah!! I would love to see it in IF! 🥺🥵

I can see the beautiful tail of a Kuwait Airways B77W hiding behind that B789! 😍

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I didn’t know that EgyptAir has A220’s, their livery looks so good on it!

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That airport looks familiar🤔

@IF-EGYPT_YT glad you enjoyed my post :)

Got a few more photos:

Landing in Cairo in the 787-9

CAI ramp from the EgyptAir lounge

Some Nile action landing in Aswan on the A220

At the gate in Cairo in the A220. Nice 777 next door

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Yeah I agree, they have 12 Airbus A220-300!

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Wowowowow!!! Those shots are AWESOME!!! 😍😍😍

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If you’re reading this, you’re a lucky person.

In 2011 - 2013, Egypt was in a revolution. Egypt was ranked as one of the most unsafest countries in the world. All prisons opened and terrorists entered Egypt. Since 2011 till 2020, Egyptian Army has been fighting those terrorists. So imagine, fighting terrorists for 9 years straight and then getting accused that you’re supporting them. Anyways, Mid 2013, we selected a new president which is still the same president till today. Egypt is now “Transforming”. Egyptian Army is now ranked the 9th strongest army in the worls. Egypt has 3 New mega cities under construction. Egyptian aviation is getting back on it’s feet since 2014 because Egypt jumped from one of the most unsafest countries in the world to the 9th safest country in the world according to a study. Tourism is growing back and everything is getting better. Egypt has always been one of the most important countries in the world and that’s why it always targeted by Terrorists also it has been targeted by The media as an unsafe country since the Metrojet crash in 2015. And unfortunately that’s why people still think it’s unsafe. But these people never thought that No one is safe anywhere in the world. Egypt is a country that always wanted peace and justice. If you don’t believe that, come visit Egypt and explore it yourself and stop listening to other people’s opinion about Egypt.
I hope you guys now understand the whole story now! :)

Thanks for reading ❤️

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