EgyptAir livery | A220-300

EgyptAir | A220-300

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General info about the A220-300

The A220-300 was know as “CS300” when it was first announced. It flown its first flight on 27th of February 2015 and received an initial type certification on 11 July 2016, and entered service with AirBaltic on 14 December 2016.

EgyptAir has received its first A220 of its order of 12 in September of 2019, becoming the first A220 operator based in the Middle East and North African region, and the sixth operator worldwide.

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I did my research well before posting.
If you like both, you can vote for both if you have votes remaining.

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Voted! Amazing livery!

Indeed it is! thanks for your vote!


I also voted.
This one is needed , I guess now all egypt air express A220 got repainted into this normal one no? If it is or not, this one is the basic one which should be added among them !

What a beautiful bird, I love following their flights on FR24 :p

As far as my knowledge goes, no they haven’t repainted them all into the normal livery, I believe they still have the express one.

Thank you so much for your vote and support!


Bumping this! Would be a great addition to the African and the Middle Eastern skies of IF

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Hopefully, we can see this in the update! Voted.

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This bird would help to give UUDD (3D) more attention

Egyptair express (not this one) confirmed.

I dont have high hopes for this one sadly :/

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Good news!

Congratulations!! Enjoy the new 21.8 update!