Egyptair In Cairo @ HECA - 062200ZAPR19

Egyptair in Cairo

Cairo is home to the largest airport in Egypt and one of the largest in Africa. It is a hub to airlines like Egyptair. This Event is a Flyout where you are able to many destinations from Cairo


Event Information

Airport - HECA / Cairo International Airport

Time - 2200Z | 2PM PDT | 3PM MDT | 4PM CDT | 5PM EDT

Server - Training


Keep This Realistic and Listen to ATC Instructions
Spawn At Correct Gate
Have Fun =)

Gates And ATC


Ground - @J2S
Tower - @J2S
Departure -

Terminal 3

T3-F1 (738) EgyptAir HECA - OMDB
T3-F2 (A330) EgyptAir HECA - EGLL
T3-F3 (738) EgyptAir HECA - OEJN
T3-F4 (738) EgyptAir HECA - LIRF
T3-F5 (A330) EgyptAir HECA - KJFK - @Sashaz55
T3-F7 (738) EgyptAir HECA - LGAV - @ItsBlitz
T3-F8 (A330) EgyptAir HECA - VGGG
T3-F9 (738) EgyptAir HECA - LEBL

T3-G1 (738) EgyptAir HECA - LTBA
T3-G3 (738) EgyptAir HECA - ORBI
T3-G3 (A330) EgyptAir HECA - VHHH
T3-G4 (738) EgyptAir HECA - DTTA
T3-G5 (A330) EgyptAir HECA - EHAM
T3-G7 (738) EgyptAir HECA - OKBK
T3-G8 (A330) EgyptAir HECA - LOWW
T3-G9 (738) EgyptAir HECA - HKJK

T3-301 (738) EgyptAir HECA-LGMK
T3-302 (738) EgyptAir HECA-VABB - @DhruvC
T3-303 (738) EgyptAir HECA-OONS
T3-304 (738) EgyptAir HECA-LEMD
T3-305 (A330) EgyptAir HECA-ZBAA
T3-306 (738) EgyptAir HECA-DNAA
T3-307 (A330) EgyptAir HECA-FACT
T3-308 (738) EgyptAir HECA-LIME

T3-309 (738) EgyptAir HECA-HKJK
T3-310 (738) EgyptAir HECA-OLBA
T3-311 (738) EgyptAir HECA-HUEN
T3-312 (738) EgyptAir HECA-OEDF

Say The Gate And Aircraft You Are Flying With/To

Example: I would like (Gate) and the Egyptair 737-800 to (Destination)


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I can do Ground and tower atc

Sure thing!

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A little mistake for converting time. 2200z to CST is 4pm, thanks.

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Whoops 😂 I’ll fix it

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Would like the flight to KJFK please

Sure! I’ll add you now :)

Hi do you have a gate for Egypt Air’s flight to Mumbai which is VABB
My aircraft is the Boeing 737-800

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I put you at this gate for Mumbai :)

T3-302 (738) EgyptAir HECA-VABB

Okay thanks. See you there

What day is this

Woop didn’t see the month. It will be on Saturday 6th, April.

@Kamryn since it will be Daylight Saving time, you must add one hour to the time except for Zulu and change *ST to *DT for the zone.

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Hey Everybody! I’m just bumping this!

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