Egyptair Express A220-300

Egyptair A220-300

From the leaks shown by Jason & Dan on the FNF Livestream today, the A220 has been confirmed to be released! Yay, it’s a220 Aircraft. It would be a great addition to the Egyptair Fleet.

Of course, this livery will add to the fun experience when you fly around Africa!
A220-300 would be more beautiful if there was an Egyptian God Horus on this aircraft.
If You’d Like this Livery In The Next Update, feel free to vote!

Thanks for your attention everyone, stay safe and take care!

YES! This would make 2 EgyptAir liveries with both looking stunning


Ima vote 😋

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I did so too now!

Yeah, it’s really nice! Egyptair need this livery :D

Yep! That’s true! It is also partly used on international flights to the likes of Moscow, Budapest, Vienna and more!

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I was just going to make topic about the EgyptAir livery lol, You got my vote!

Haha, I make it special for you :D

Thanks for your vote! :D

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Definitely will be amazing to see the egyptair livery on the A220 as it will be a great add for flight options and also good considering that the 787-9 and A320Neo (which isn’t in the game) don’t have the livery so it will be great to have an additional aircraft with the livery

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Yep especially to fly domestic as well as to European airports from secondary Egyptian airports like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik!


Which livery do you prefer? 🤔 I like the Express livery more so you have my vote :)

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The not express one is better bro ✨
The express looks ghetto and cheap and Egyptair has more normal A220 than express ones I guess