EgyptAir CS300

51 AM
EgyptAir has signed an order for 24 CS300’s, would be interesting to see this in Infinite Flight if the Bombardier C-Series is added.

Article and Source of Image

The CS300 looks beautiful in this livery! Great request!


Make sure to vote on it and to also provide more info! Beautiful aircraft!

Could we possibly add the “A220” to make this thread easier to find? i think A220/CS300

You can vote for that plane here

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That’s not what he’s on about… He asking if the title could be changed.for the convenience of others.

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You got me wrong hihi. I mean that the name is out of date. I searched in vain for this thread and noticed the old name. I remembered that it’s the old name. It’s just that others think it’s better. I mean the name of this thread.

Hey, some people still call it the C Series ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I think the old name is much better. I love CS <3 but for the good of the community, so that others can find it better and possibly avoid new features.

I personally don’t care. I just go for A220 since it is initially taken over by Airbus.

I love this livery, it’s needed. That’s obvious.