Egyptair Boeing 777-200ER (Star Alliance Livery)!

Hey Everyone! πŸ˜ƒ

I know I’m late for trying to add a new B772 Livery but I guess we all need this Livery! 😬

As We all know the only Star Alliance Livery is the United 757-200. But we need another one. πŸ˜„

And this is why I’m here. I’m introducing the Egyptair Boeing 777-200ER Star Alliance Livery! 😍


β€’ Info About Egyptair πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¬

Egyptair is the Flag Carrier of Egypt. The airline was established in July 1933 which makes it the First Airline in the Middle East and Africa. The Airline is Based at Cairo International Airport (CAI).

β€’ Info about the Aircraft ✈️

In 1995, Egyptair Signed a US$400 Million Order of 3 Boeing 777-200ER powered with GE-90 Engines. All three aircrafts were Delivered to Egyptair in 1997. 1 out of the 3 Aircrafts which is registered (SU-GBR) was painted in the Star alliance livery after Egyptair Joined Star alliance.

β€’ Info about Star alliance 🌟

Star Alliance was founded in May 1977 and is the world’s Biggest Airline Alliance. It has 26 Full members and is Based at Frankfurt AM Main. Egyptair Joined Star alliance in 2008 and shortly after, their first aircraft was painted in the Star Alliance livery which is this B772 Registered (SU-GBR).

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Great request! Love the livery.

But could we keep it to only one photo? :D


😍great livery


I love the bright colors of the EgyptAir livery, this one is kinda dull. I wish there was more blue. It looks cool though!

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The normal Egyptair Livery has a lot of different blue colors. I’ll make a request for it when it’s time for the 773 Rework! πŸ”₯