Egyptair A330-200

Picture isn’t mine, Credits to alanlorduk
Would love to see this on Infinite Flight
Share your comments and thoughts about the livery

  • Yes, I would like to see this on Infinite Flight
  • Nah, I don’t like it

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That’s a really nice livery!


It’s already available on IF

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No, the a330-300 is, but not the a330-200.

You mean the a330-300, that’s the one in the game, this is about the a330-200😬

I really like the Horus logo (the Egyptian god in the tail).

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It is amazing against that blue and white background.

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Yes, but it’s still nice to have both when you can.

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Actually It’s Quite similar with the A333’s (A332 fuselage is shorter than A333’s), But like @LufthansaA340 said…

It’s like asking for a SIA B772 when we have SIA B77W already

Get the logic? 😂

Doesn’t hurt to have one more livery imo

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Though I want Both of them :p

I vote for every a330-200 livery, I want the aircraft :D

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Please do another button in the poll:We don’t need this livery, because we already have A333 Egyptair


I’m sorry But I Can’t :(
I’ll add a Button Like that on future requests

Everyone is requesting EgyptAir since the crash happened! Of course I would love to see this in IF! I’m Eygptian!

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