Egyptair 737-800 Winglets Mistake


Firstly, I would like to thank and give alot of applaud to our developers who have been hard working in releasing new features. Many people has been looking forward to this update and so far it’s just awesome and spectacular. Even though there are some flaws like the issue I’m addressing below, but it doesn’t reduce my excitement with the update. Once again thanks alot FDS and IFC folks for making this update to happen. IF will be nowhere until what it is today without you all :D


While I was using Egyptair 737-800 earlier today, I noticed 2 mistakes (presumably an error) on the livery :

  • Split Scimitar

So far, there are no Egyptair 737-800 which wears split scimitar (Including the later built ones delivered last year). Meanwhile, in Infinite Flight we have them on. It would be nice if these scimitars on Egyptair are being removed and use the ordinary winglet on the next hotfix :)

  • The missing “Horus” paint on the inner winglet

As you might notice, the “Horus” paint on the inner winglet is missing on Infinite Flight version. It would be great if this paint can be readded on the next hotfix :)

Here are the differences in case you are wondering ;)

Real life frame

Infinite Flight frame

Thanks for reading this and hopefully this can be fixed


Source of the picture


@schyllberg you better notify the person who did the paint job on this one now!


It’s done :)

But this isn’t a new livery, right? The only thing that was changed was the Split Scim? Because I’m not sure we can paint on the inside of the wing.


Isn’t an example of painting on the winglet the Qantas 737?


And yes, this is a new livery that was released in V 18.6

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What about the virgin America livery? The inside of that is the us flag.

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Thank you then :)


The issue will be addressed shortly and arrive with an in-app update of the aircraft! Thanks for the report.