Egypt Fly Out! | 17th May 2024 | 1400z |

Egypt Fly out with Egypt Air Virtual Group!


As Egypt Air Virtual Group has embarked its infinite flight journey, we’re thrilled to commemorate this milestone with an unforgettable inaugural flight from Cairo to London!
Join us as we embark on this momentous journey, bridging cultures and continents with Egypt Air Virtual Group’s inaugural flight. From the bustling streets of Cairo to the historic landmarks of London, we’re setting a new standard in virtual aviation excellence.

Server: Expert

Airport: Cairo international Airport [HECA] to London Heathrow [EGLL]

Time: 1400Z (zulu)


Equipments - B77W and A333

Joining VA(s)




Center @3Ssomy167


  • Please follow the instructions of event leader. (to be assigned)

  • Please be respectful and helpful towards other community members.

  • Please follow ATC instructions.

  • Please avoid indulging in any kind of act that may be deemed as violations of the rules laid down by Infinite Flight, Infinite Flight Community and the IFVARB.

  • And Enjoy your flight*

    Egypt Air Virtual Group


@TAROMVirtual Would love to attend this!

Can you put us down as a “VA Joining” etc…


| @If.EnglandYT


I’ll be there! Nice event.

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My first flyout look forward to it.

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Great to hear that. EAVG will be delighted to host you❤️🇪🇬

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Event starts in 55 Minutes

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Just landed from Mumbai. Fully ready for departure again! :)

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Spawn in at or before 1345Z

Why is no one taking off?

Might join later in the day after my flight from Qatar to India

The guy first in line was holding up
I took off too early XD

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An unexpected internet issue occurred with the Event Leader.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
And Thank you guys for being part of this Flight

MS01 will be remembered by Egypt Air Virtual Group.


@Probin @Avboy_Mohammed6
Make sure you have FPL to EGLL not to LTFM
Copy FPL from Egypt Air 003MR or Egypt Air 002MR

I’ll be flying to my homebase EHAM since I don’t have time to fly any further. Maybe when the winds are better than expected I’ll make ik to EGLL :)

No worries, as it’s a fly out event
thank you

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Yea its to EGLL

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Oh well that was fun! Thank you to the hosts for this delightful event.

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Pleasure to host enthusiastic pilots like you ❤️

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