EGVA Tower TS1 [Closed]

Raf fairford tower on training server now open!!

Could you include the ICAO (four letter identification code) code of your airfield please, and add it to your title

EDIT: changed it for you this time :)


Just about to taxi and you close…

Its generally considered better to open ground and tower instead of just 1 - click on both of them and you can control both. The only time this shouldn’t happen is at extremely busy airports

I think Tower-only would be good for practice imho. You can focus more to the aircrafts instead switching between two frequencies. Just my opinion 😉

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Ground is an easy freq to manage, allows you to get ac to taxi to the runway you want, and you’ll be tested on that if you join IFTSATC/IFATC, personally I’d say both are better


Are you closed?

If so please place [CLOSED] In your title ;-)


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