EGSS STAR question

does anybody know why there is a 360 in the star on the way to EGSS?

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Could you specify which STAR?

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one sec

LIST1L star

While doing the loop i got a speed vio
does anyone know why its there?

There is actually a holding pattern at the end of the STAR for the pilot to wait for further approach clearances:

so its optional?

I guess so. The holding pattern shouldn’t really be relevant in Infinite Flight so you could just delete the waypoints.

would ve been nice to know before that

But the fact is that these last 3 waypoints are a part of the LIST1L and other STARS from EGSS. This is why they are included in this way in Infinite Flight, otherwise they would not be the real procedures. In real life, the ATC would usually give further instructions while the plane is descending to EGSS on the STAR, I guess. In Infinite Flight without ATC it is then at the pilot’s discretion to what extent this STAR is followed and when to leave it. And regardless of the flight plan, as a pilot you are of course responsible for your own movements, including the speed of the aircraft. If you think that your aircraft is not able to fly certain maneuvers, then you have to abort them yourself and find other ways to your destination. ;)

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