EGSS spotting

The D90 is now officially back in action, here’s some of the photos from Stanstead

There are a few more available on my Flickr.


Do British airports have a special place for spotters?

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Don’t know, these were all taken from either the aircraft I flew on (seen in photo 2) or the airport terminal itself.

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Nice photos. I really like the Titan aiways livery.

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Nice pics, I love the FedEx shot

Really? The glass didn´t reflect on the shot.

How much was the camera?

Nice pics you caught! What airline is in photo 7?

No, I just pressed the lens right up against the glass.
EDIT: and also some clever cropping
Oops another edit: forgot that picture 1 is taken from the car rental car park.

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@Belfast_spotter Without a lens and second hand you can get one for around £120
@CJ12 Titan Airways


omg really cool~~! i like it

Yes finally you fixed it. Now all you ned is a long range lens.

The sharpness is there!

Got a 300mm lens, just need to get used to it again.

Perfect-looking forward to the final poduct!