EGSS London Stansted routes [Short]

EGSS London Stansted routes [Short haul]

Hey there, I am Louie, an aspiring Airline pilot, and aviation enthusiast. The recent update to Infinite flight bringing many more 3D airports to the simulator creates a more diverse range of routes for players to enjoy.

The reason I have put this Topic today is to show and promote some London Stansted real-life routes for players to enjoy when flying in or out of the new airport. As London Stansted airport is my local airport, I can say without hesitation, let’s begin…


Ryanair B738 EGSS - EIDW 40 - 60 minutes
Ryanair B738 EGSS - EINN 1hour - 1hour 30 minutes
Ryanair B738 EGSS - LPFR 3hours - 3hours 20 minutes
Ryanair B738 EGSS - LCLK 3hours - 3hours 40 minutes
Ryanair B738 EGSS - LCPH 3hours 45 minutes - 4hours 20 minutes
Ryanair B738 EGSS - GCRR 4hours - 4hours 15 minutes
Ryanair B738 EGSS - GCTS 4hours - 4hours 30 minutes
Ryanair B738 EGSS - LMML 3hours - 3hours 20 minutes
Ryanair B738 EGSS - LEMD 2hours - 2 hours 30 minutes

These are only a pinch of routes which London Stansted offers, if it seems that this topic is popular and people show a common interest in Stansted airport routes then I will continue to add to this including longer routes and some of Stansteds heavy cargo routes.

Thank you very much for reading and stay safe.


Any suggestions?

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I done a round trip today to dublin and back, loved the flight and recommend others to do so
great topic! keep it up i would love to see other flights :)


Nice! Thanks for the feedback!

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