EGSS (London Stansted) -> EHAM (Amsterdam) A319

Hey you all! Today I made my first flight in the new released 21.6 version. and I can’t tell you how excited I’m! Love the new features, 3D airports and in general its just an amazing update,
So a big thanks to infinite team❤ your work is amazing

Ok, ready for another easyjet topic?? 😎
Lets begin

▪︎Route: EGSS - EHAM
▪︎Aircraft: A319
▪︎Server: Expert

• Early morning departure from London🛫

• Every time when I fly over UK towrads south, I just take couple minutes to look at this stunning landscape. 😍

• Netherlands north coastline

• Flareeee

• Parking next to a Lufthansa A319

An Important question.
Which Pier easyjet use at AMS? Google says Terminal B. But its like one terminal building for all airlines, so I guess its pier B?

@LKA tagging you so you won’t miss this topic😁


Great topic Tim! Btw it was a 319 in the last pic ;)

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Hello @MADCAT ,

First of all: great topic and very nice pictures! Well done!
I hope you had a great flight.

To answer your question: easyJet uses pier H at EHAM:

Have a great day!


Good pics! The first one is over Clacton, is that right? I often see that as well, it’s a common waypoint on easterly flights to the continent.

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Thanks for tagging me !!!

And it’s pier H as you can see in the pics I shared in the easyJet group !

Don’t trust google, trust Flightradar24 by tracking easyJet flights at AMS ^^

Stunning pics ! 🍊✈️


If it is Clacton (?) then its more east I think …


Awesome pictures!

Also thank you for caring about where you park!
Not enough people care anymore sadly


@999aviation oh, my bad, thanks for the correction😁
@Menno_Roemer Pier H, awesome. Thank you!!
@mcgregni I’m not sure, you mean the waypoint? Yeah, might be. And youre right, its way to the east then south.
@LKA you’re welcome:) yeah, its just that google kinda trust source but not really accurate, thanks tho!
@Arizona_Aviator NP. :) trying to make it as realistic as possible
Thanks btw!


Clacton-on-Sea is a town just north of the Thames mouth there, just where your plane is, and there’s a VOR, CLT (I think) that is an important navigational position for flights departing that way.

I’m not familiar so much with the area since I’m not living in the UK irl. But I guess its that waypoint! Its sound familiar and I often fly over this area when I’m flying to east/south destinations.


Fair enough, I wish I knew more of the geography that I fly over in Europe and America!

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I can suggest to start by looking at nearby airports you fly close to, then look for the city etc :) thats what I do sometimes, its just make it more intresting

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I love this route - very easy to forget how short it is! Amazing photos as always, mate.


Short route indeed! Thanks😄

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