EGSS ATC Active on TS1

Now going to open Stansted Airport on TS1.

If anyone would like to take the approach frequency (Essex Radar), for approaching and departing aircraft, that would be great.

Feedback accepted too!



Patterns allowed?

Yes, although if it gets very busy, then pattern work will be closed.

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ey man nice that you controll at ts1 but if you really wanna be an atc in IF then you gotta join IFATC and then you can do atc at expert server it is much more fun and people listin to your commands in ts1 70% off the people dont listin to your commands;) just a suggestion.

I have applied for IFATC!

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good job!;) make sure you practice good on written test and then after you will get the practical test and then you are an IF;) make sure you practice airports with parallel runways like EDDL. i hope to see you soon on the IFATC slack group

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