EGPH Tower View

While controlling at EGPH on TS, I noticed that the terminal building blocks the view of the runway from the tower.

Is it the same IRL?


No clue, have you tried looking at the views from the tower irl?

By chance are u on the upper view or the lower ATC view

Haven’t had the opportunity to visit the tower IRL, bit can share a link to an image. Unable to share the image as it’s from a pictures-for-sale site.

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I meant the image not irl 😂

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I didn’t even know one had a choice of upper & lower ATC views while controlling. I thought only tower view & map was available.

We use the upper tower view to get a better view of the taxiways and airport layout.

Ohh…& how does one switch to the upper tower view? I presume this is something apart from the tower view option which shows up as standard (below the status/arrivals board). Sorry if I’m ignorant about this.

The same way you would switch camera views whilst flying 🙂

Are your referring to this one?

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Negative. That’s the regular view.

Hold and drag the camera view option button (the little video camera icon on the lower right) upwards to scroll through the views available.

You should see a view option called ATC/HIGH. That’s best suited for an airport like EGPH.

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Ok. I just saw this. Apologies to all for my ignorance. Don’t know how I didn’t see this before.

Thanks. Learned something new today.

If nobody else has any questions or comments, mods may close this thread.

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That’s what it’s supposed to look like, with a clear view across all parts of the airport.


Thanks for posting the picture.

My original query has been resolved. I wasn’t aware that one could change the camera, hence the view from the tower.