EGPH open?

I’m inbound from JFK to EGPH which is listed as one of three featured airports but I don’t actually think that any of the listed airports have been open much at all today. Whenever I have checked there’s been no coverage at Edinburgh. Is the schedule wrong or out of date?

Hi Anthony,

On the expert server, IFATC operates on a hybrid system. This means that there is a daily schedule so that pilots can plan their flights and controllers can have high amounts of traffic. On the other hand controllers can open wherever they want, pending there isn’t an official event that day.

Looking at the inbound list for the expert server, it doesn’t appear that EGPH has a lot of pilots coming in, which could be a primary reason controllers haven’t staffed it unfortunately.

It’s more fun for controllers when they follow the traffic as they do have a minimum time requirement after they open a frequency.

Im sorry for any inconvenience brought to your flight as a result.

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No problem, I didn’t realize there was a hybrid system 👍

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No worries. Safe landings!

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