EGNX (East Midlands Airport) The Ever-Expanding Cargo Hub Of The U.K

Easy Midlands, possibly one of the worlds largest cargo hubs featuring airlines such as: UPS, TNT, and last of all (the biggest) DHL. It is said that the airport carries around 320,000 tonnes of flown cargo per year.

With this I come to talk about the brand new Mega-Terminal they are building for Cargo! This may be the step that takes EMA/EGNX to the top of the cargo hubs.

The new cargo terminal/station is going to provide more than 7000 jobs, whilst also providing at least 2 warehouses. It will, as well, be including a freight train service which will be a quick way for the Cargo airlines to transport their goods.

Below is the link to more information on the expansion:

As a person who lives very close to EGNX, I am very excited to see this. It came to my mind as I was driving right past the edge of the airport on Friday Afternoon, as I saw the massive building site I thought “what is this?”, so I searched it up.
I hear many planes (mostly DHL) passing low over my house at night and I can’t wait to hopefully hear even more!

Tell me what you think about this expansion and what you think lies ahead in the future of East Midlands Airport below!


I heard about this, It would be great to see it in action and it could hopefully remove some of the cargo/freight traffic from EGLL allowing more space for passengers instead of cargo.

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Yes it would be great to see not just one massively busy airport in the U.K.
As well as that Nottingham and the East Midlands are quite central for the UK and would be a good hub.

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EMA is basically heaven for cargo. Right next to the M1, and A50 access to the M6/Birmingham? Check. No night curfew? Check. Not mountains of passenger traffic to contend with? Check.

Keeps the aircraft nice and varied also. Scheduled 747s but also rared types eg the A300s. AN-225s have made multiple visits.

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Yes I see the 747 about once a month landing at EMA, what a noise it makes!

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