EGNV Fill up

Let’s fill up this airport as it has recently been brought back into public ownership Durham Tees Valley Airport in the north east of England was thinking of training server to allow this flight to be accessible for everyone!

There are only a couple commercial flights including
KLM Cityhopper E175 -Amsterdam
Eastern( Flybe) Jetstream 41 -Aberdeen/Humberside
Seasonal routes include
Flybe D8 Q400 - Jersey
BH Air A320 - Bourgas

Other regular movements include

Cobham -they use fighter jets but not sure what for

General Aviation/Private jets - on stands 6-9
General Aviation on the Remaining stands

Will take place tomorrow 4th July at 1600 UK time you don’t need to book a space just let me know if your attending!

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Which category should I have put this I. Couldn’t really see one that was appropriate

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Have moved it to live as I don’t have access to events thanks for pointing out the error

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