There are not ils markers to help you at this airport

Probably because in real life it has a GPS approach only.

Approaches are marked on the map with a red or white “coneshaped” lines.

The ILS - Red Cone


The GPS - White Cone

It’s probably because there are no ILSs at that airport.

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@Leemg you’re going to have to provide more information if you want anyone to help you. i.e. pictures, a full two or three sentences

Google is your friend. 🙄

ILS Approach in Infinite Flight:

EGNT Plates: Airports

Click the image for better detail.

RW 07 ILS Instrument Approach:

RW 25 ILS Instrument Approach:

I assume you are talking about fixes. If you are I checked the map, you’re SOL.

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EGNT has ILS approach on both end Capable of CAT III in real life.

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Thanks for your help

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