(EGNM) Leeds Bradford Airport - ATC Service

There is no schedule on the training server so you can have it open whenever you’d like. Would you like to join the controlling effort on the expert server (IFATC) because it’s a much more organized effort?


I agree it is more organised! And pilots tend to adeer to the rules of the skies more in expert lol. I’ve had 2 attemps at the first exam for ATC with Adam. I’m aware we can only have one recruiter? Came close to the 80% pass mark both times I believe only have one attempt left until a six month cooldown 😅 I do try have EGNM open but never seems to be any arrivals which is a shame.

At some point in the near future I’ll be happy to help with making an event at Leeds Bradford, possibly with your help. It’s one on my list. It’ll help gain attention to this windy airport.

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Yes only one recruiter, maybe try getting training?

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Indeed! I’m working on being more active on the forum so anytime feel free to talk.

You could always open an ATC Tracking Thread for the community to come fly and help you develop.

Sasha made a tutorial, it’s right here: How To Make ATC Tracking Threads

I’m always on the lookout for aspiring IFATC controllers, and I’m also looking for new places to fly!

Good luck, I hope to see you join us in IFATC soon!

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Great to hear! Hopefully I can get somethign going, and will no doubt ask you if I’m in need of help! I’m also out of likes, so I’m replying as a show of acknowledgement. 😅


Yeah, i agree. I’m a little rusty in parts but I’m sure there’s aspects I’m not fully aware of. Wouldn’t know where to begin filling you in really. Would just be good someone to fly a few circuits testing my proficiency and replies to requests etc

Not a problem! Didn’t know there was a limit on that… need to ease off the likes myself in that case 😂

The training group pilots will comply with you, since all of the pilots that apply to fly at training sessions have to file an application and get approved.

I suggest you get in touch with a trainer in the link that Trio posted above, since you are in the application process for IFATC and have taken the written already.

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Trio… Now come to think of it. IFATC and IF experts seems like a good place to learn and become active in. I did try IFAEGAF but at the time i wasn’t so active due to my work. That I am working on but i digress.

Taken… not passed as of yet😅

Could thunderbolts suggestion be available trio?

That doesn’t mean you can’t apply. You only need to have attempted the written exam, not passed it.

See the topic linked above for more information.

What suggestion are you talking about? An ATC tracking thread?

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They are seperate but if you meet the requirements for the IFAE then you can join here, I’m a recruiter for them so feel free to message me any questions. :)

Indeed, EGNM has only tower and approach from off the top of my head. I’m happy to create one on the appropriate section to get some more time on ATC.

I’ll let you know once i grab another 260 thousand xp lol

I’m wide awake at 0537 uk time lol so I may aswell open EGNM TWR just incase anyone comes inbound :) open from 0445Z

This is not the place.

Use an ATC Tracking Thread please :)

Will do thunderbolt 😂

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