EGMD (Lydd Ashford) Is Already Closed! (Lol)

This airport has closed due to inactivity.

Uhhh… what?


It’s his ATC tracking thread if you look at the topic history.

@Ecoops123 whenever you close, just put it in the title or make a new reply on this thread. ;D No need to delete your hard worked operations for the airport! Also make sure you put your name in the title.

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Here’s an example of what your tracking thread should be like, it’s my old one, good luck!


Okay dokay. (Oh jeez that was unprofessional, and here I am halfway through my ppl). I’ll see what i can do next, except from one A319 and a DC-10 with -283747348 Landing rate.

I opened this airport, as Tower, since it is my local airport, and as I guessed I got no traffic 😂 so I closed it.

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