EGMD airport - hold short lines?

EGMD or Lydd airport, or as it’s now called: London Ashford Airport.

Credit the the airport editors: the hold short lines in IF are the same as I can see on the photo.

But is it me, or did someone misplace the hold short lines? I mean: why not place them closer to the runway.
Now, if you want to taxi to runway 21 you need to cross the hold short line…
It did cause some confusion to pilots while I was controlling, and I can see why…

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They are not hold short lines…probably the critical ILS hold…I think ull find the hold short further down where u can see the taxiway go

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Those are the hold short lines. I don’t know why they are there, but Google Earth doesn’t show any holdshort lines after those, either.

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imagert there is a hold short later

That’s in a different location, though.

It might be somewhere else in if…

But that’s what I found frm google maps

Sadly and Badly. This is how it is in real life.



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