EGLL VRB winds

Hey all! I am wondering which RWY to take off as some are using 27B and some are using 9B. The winds are VRB@02kts. This is on ES and multiple pilots are here

So I would go with the other planes on what runway to use. If there using the 27’s, use that. If there using the 9’s use that.

If the wind is on variable meaning that you can use the runway you preferred. Note: Check the traffic on which runway land!

Yep. Its just there are like 10+ planes here and some are landing and taking off

As said above, the first priority is given to the runway which is being used by traffic in the simulator. In case there isn’t any traffic, i’d recommend using flightradar24 to check the runways in use.

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Reading does wonders gentlemen.

I can let some people know and they can head down there and check the situation out. Try to follow the ‘mass flow’ for now


Thanks! @naro

Adding: IRL they have currently the 09s in use, so those using the IRL runways will most likely be taking them.

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Naro said 27R so this is gonna be confusing

With variable winds at 2 knots, either runway is fine to use. We run into issues when one aircraft is taking off or landing in the opposite direction as the other.

If there’s an aircraft on short final for 27L and you want to takeoff 09R, hold short until they clear the runway to prevent an opposite direction collision. Same goes for landing; you may need to break off your approach until the other aircraft is clear of the runway. Thanks for understanding.


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